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Paper Report

Due Monday, March 7 at 11:59pm

Operating systems are still evolving! This paper report points you to some recent operating systems developments, and help demonstrate how concepts from the course can help you understand modern operating systems technology.

Read or watch one of the following pages on recent operating systems developments. In response, write a short report of several paragraphs -- no more than two pages -- describing the development, in your own words, using ideas from class. Summarize the development, and answer at least the corresponding question. A simple restatement of the article will not get full credit. Go further by reading and citing other related articles, by speculating on likely future developments, or by describing potential problems with the idea.

Your response must be typed or word-processed, not handwritten. It should fit on one sheet of paper (1-2 pages), using 11- or 12-point fonts and generous margins. Single spacing is OK. PDF format is strongly preferred. Put your name and student ID at the top of the page. I value quality, clarity and conciseness (brevity: saying exactly what you need to say, and no more), not exhaustive completeness. Responses longer than two pages will get no credit.

Most students find good writing important to their careers, no matter what field. So take the writing seriously, as we will. Here is a useful set of links to resources on writing reports; take a look.

Turn in your response to CourseWeb. PDF format strongly preferred.

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