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AggregatePacketCounter Element Documentation


AggregatePacketCounter -- Click element; counts packets per packet number and aggregate annotation


AggregatePacketCounter([keywords PACKETNO])

Ports: 1 or more inputs, 1 or more outputs
Processing: agnostic
Drivers: userlevel
Package: analysis (core)


Maintains counts of how many packets seen for each aggregate value and packet number. Elements such as FromCapDump, AggregateIP and AggregateIPFlows set the aggregate annotation; FromCapDump sets the packet number annotation too. AggregatePacketCounter may have any number of inputs, but always has the same number of outputs as inputs. Packets arriving on input port N are emitted on output port N. The element maintains separate counts for each input. See the example for how this can be used. Keyword arguments are:

Annotation name. Defines which packet number annotation to examine. Normal choices are PACKET_NUMBER, SEQUENCE_NUMBER, or NONE (do not examine any annotation), but any 4-byte annotation may be used. By default, the PACKET_NUMBER annotation is used.


count (read-only)
Returns the total number of packets seen.
received AGG (read-only)
Returns a newline-separated list of packet numbers in aggregate AGG that were received on any input.
undelivered AGG (read-only)
Returns a newline-separated list of packet numbers in aggregate AGG that were received on input 0, but not received on input 1. Only available if the element has at least two inputs.
clear (write-only)
Resets all counts to zero.


The aggregate identifier is stored in host byte order. Thus, the aggregate ID corresponding to IP address is 2147483648. Only available in user-level processes.


This configuration reads sender- and receiver-side packets from 'cap' dumps, and writes the packet numbers of any undelivered packets to /tmp/x. It depends on FromCapDump's aggregate, packet number, and paint annotations (note the use of CheckPaint to ignore acknowledgements).

  sender_trace :: FromCapDump(0.s, STOP true, AGGREGATE 1);
  receiver_trace :: FromCapDump(0.r, STOP true, AGGREGATE 1);
  counter :: AggregatePacketCounter;
  sender_trace -> CheckPaint(0) -> [0] counter [0] -> Discard;
  receiver_trace -> CheckPaint(0) -> [1] counter [1] -> Discard;
  DriverManager(wait_pause, wait_pause,
        save counter.undelivered1 /tmp/x);


AggregateCounter, FromCapDump, AggregateIP, AggregateIPFlows

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