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ARPTable Element Documentation


ARPTable -- Click element; stores IP-to-Ethernet mappings



Ports: none
Package: ethernet (core)


The ARPTable element stores IP-to-Ethernet mappings, such as are useful for the ARP protocol. ARPTable is an information element, with no inputs or outputs. ARPQuerier normally encapsulates access to an ARPTable element. A separate ARPTable is useful if several ARPQuerier elements should share a table. Keyword arguments are:

Unsigned integer. The maximum number of saved IP packets the ARPTable will hold at a time. Default is 2048; zero means unlimited.
Unsigned integer. The maximum number of ARP entries the ARPTable will hold at a time. Default is zero, which means unlimited.
Time value. The amount of time after which an ARP entry will expire. Default is 5 minutes. Zero means ARP entries never expire.


table (read-only)
Return a table of the ARP entries. The returned string has four space-separated columns: an IP address, whether the entry is valid (1 means valid, 0 means not), the corresponding Ethernet address, and finally, the amount of time since the entry was last updated.
drops (read-only)
Return the number of packets dropped because of timeouts or capacity limits.
insert (write-only)
Add an entry to the table. The format should be "IP ETH".
delete (write-only)
Delete an entry from the table. The string should consist of an IP address.
clear (write-only)
Clear the table, deleting all entries.
count (read-only)
Return the number of entries in the table.
length (read-only)
Return the number of packets stored in the table.



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