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EtherSwitch Element Documentation


EtherSwitch -- Click element; learning, forwarding Ethernet switch


EtherSwitch([keywords TIMEOUT])

Ports: 2 or more inputs, the same number of outputs
Processing: push
Package: etherswitch (core)


Expects and produces Ethernet packets. Each pair of corresponding ports (e.g., input 0 and output 0, and input 1 and output 1, and so forth) corresponds to a LAN. Acts as a learning, forwarding Ethernet switch among those LANs. On receiving a packet on input port I with source address A, EtherSwitch associates A with I. Future packets destined for A are sent to output I (unless they came from input I, in which case they are dropped). Packets sent to an unknown destination address are forwarded to every output port, except the one corresponding to the packet's input port. The TIMEOUT parameter affects how long port associations last. If it is 0, then the element does not learn addresses, and acts like a dumb hub. Keyword arguments are:

The timeout for port associations, in seconds. Any port mapping (i.e., binding between an address and a port number) is dropped after TIMEOUT seconds of inactivity. If 0, the element acts like a dumb hub. Default is 300.


The EtherSwitch element has no limit on the memory consumed by cached Ethernet addresses.


table (read-only)
Returns the current port association table.
timeout (read/write)
Returns or sets the TIMEOUT argument.


ListenEtherSwitch, EtherSpanTree

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