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FloodingLocQuerier Element Documentation


FloodingLocQuerier -- Click element; Sets Grid Destination location by running a flooding query protocol


FloodingLocQuerier(ETH, IP)

Ports: 2 inputs, 2 outputs
Processing: push
Package: grid (core)


Argument I should be this host's IP address, E should be this host's Ethernet address, and LOCINFO is a GridLocationInfo element that knows where this host is. Expects GRID_NBR_ENCAP packets with MAC headers on input 0. If a location is already known for the destination, the destination location field is filled in and the packet is sent to output 0. Otherwise the packet is saved and a flooding location query is sent to output 1 instead, ready for FixSrcLoc, checksumming and transmission. If a query response arrives on input 1 for a location that we need, the mapping is recorded and the saved Grid packet is sent through output 0. Input 1 expects flooding query packets, and query reply response packets for us. Packets must include all headers (MAC, Grid, etc.)


LocQueryResponder, GridLocationInfo, SimpleLocQuerier

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