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FromRawSocket Element Documentation


FromRawSocket -- Click element; reads raw IP packets from safe raw socket (user-level)


FromRawSocket("TCP", <TCP source port number> [, KEYWORDS])
FromRawSocket("UDP", <UDP source port number> [, KEYWORDS])
FromRawSocket("GRE", <GRE key or PPTP call ID> [, KEYWORDS])
FromRawSocket("ICMP", <ICMP identifier> [, KEYWORDS])

Ports: at most 1 input, at most 1 output
Processing: push
Drivers: userlevel
Package: userlevel (core)


Reads data from a raw IPv4 socket. The raw IPv4 socket may optionally be bound to a source port number in the case of TCP/UDP, a GRE key or PPTP call ID in the case of GRE, or an identifier in the case of ICMP. Binding a port to a raw IPv4 socket to reserve it and suppress TCP RST and ICMP Unreachable errors, is specific to PlanetLab Linux. This element exists only for backward compatibility. See the more general RawSocket implementation for details, and for supported keyword arguments. A FromRawSocket is equivalent to a RawSocket with no inputs.


  FromRawSocket(UDP, 53) -> ...


ToRawSocket, RawSocket, Socket

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