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GetIPAddress Element Documentation


GetIPAddress -- Click element; sets destination IP address annotation from packet data


GetIPAddress(OFFSET [, ANNO, keyword IP])

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: agnostic
Package: ip (core)


Copies 4 bytes from the packet, starting at OFFSET, to the destination IP address annotation. OFFSET is usually 16, to fetch the destination address from an IP packet. Set ANNO to set a non-default destination IP address annotation. You may also give an IP keyword argument instead of an OFFSET. IP must equal 'src' or 'dst'. The input packet must have its IP header annotation set. The named destination IP address annotation is set to that IP header's source or destination address, respectively.


The destination address annotation is used by elements that need to know where the packet is going. Such elements include ARPQuerier and LookupIPRoute.


ARPQuerier, StaticIPLookup, SetIPAddress, StoreIPAddress

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