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GridHeaderInfo Element Documentation


GridHeaderInfo -- Click element; Provide information about Grid header version, header sizes, and offsets for the current router exectuable.



Ports: None
Package: grid (core)


This element can be used by scripts to find out various sizes and offsets of the Grid protocol headers. The point of this element is to provide information that can be used to properly build Grid click configurations -- some of the classifiers etc. require offset information. Probably this whole approach is broken and I should just write a GridClassifier... but then what's the point of a generic classifier? I am confused... The following handler documentation may not be exhaustive, or may be out of date; use the ``handlers handler to see what is actually available. ===== ELEMENT HANDLERS ===== ? grid_hdr_version (read-only) ! Return the Grid header version as a hexadecimal number (no preceding 0x) ? grid_ether_proto (read-only) ! Return the Grid ethernet protocol number as four hexadecimal digits (no preceding 0x) ? grid_proto_hello (read-only) ! Each grid_proto_foo returns the the GRID_FOO protocol number as two hexadecimal digits (no preceding 0x) ? grid_proto_lr_hello (read-only) ? grid_proto_nbr_encap (read-only) ? grid_proto_loc_query (read-only) ? grid_proto_loc_reply (read-only) ? grid_proto_route_probe (read-only) ? grid_proto_route_reply (read-only) ? grid_proto_geocast (read-only) ? grid_proto_link_probe (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_location (read-only) ! Each sizeof_foo handler returns sizeof(foo). ? sizeof_grid_hdr (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_nbr_entry (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_hello (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_nbr_encap (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_loc_query (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_route_probe (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_route_reply (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_link_probe (read-only) ? sizeof_grid_link_entry (read-only) ? sizeof_linkstat_link_probe (read_only) ? sizeof_linkstat_link_entry (read_only) ? offsetof_grid_hdr_version (read-only) ! Each offsetof_grid_hdr_foo handler returns offsetof(grid_hdr, foo) ? offsetof_grid_hdr_type (read-only) ? offsetof_grid_hdr_ip (read-only) ? offsetof_grid_hdr_tx_ip (read-only) ? offsetof_grid_hdr_total_len (read-only) ? offsetof_grid_nbr_encap_dst_ip (read-only) ! Returns offsetof(grid_nbr_encap, dst_ip) ? offsetof_grid_loc_query_dst_ip (read-only) ! Returns offsetof(grid_loc_query, dst_ip)''

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