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GridLocationInfo Element Documentation


GridLocationInfo -- Click element;



Ports: None
Drivers: userlevel
Package: grid (core)


This element implements the GridGenericLocInfo interface. LATITUDE and LONGITUDE are in decimal degrees (Real). Positive is North and East, negative is South and West. HEIGHT is in metres, positive is up. Only 5 fractional digits are used for latitude and longitude, the rest are ignored and rounding is not performed on the remaining digits. This should provide about 1 metre of precision near the equator. Only 3 fractional digits are used for the height, giving 1 millimetre precision in height. Keyword arguments are:

Integer. If the optional move parameter is 1, the node will move randomly at a few meters per second. If the optional move parameter is 2, the node will accept external ``set_new_dest directives for setting its speed etc. ? LOC_GOOD ! Boolean. If true, it means the location information (including error radius) can be believed. If false, don't believe the hype, it's a sequel, i.e. it's all bogus. ? ERR_RADIUS ! Unsigned short. The error radius in metres. The node's actual location is within a circle of ERR_RADIUS metres, centered at the supplied location. ? TAG ! String. A symbolic name used to identify this node's location, e.g. "ne43-521b", or "Robert's office". ===== ELEMENT HANDLERS ===== ? loc (read/write) ! When reading, returns the element's location information, in this format: ``lat, lon, height (err=<err-radius> good=<good?> seq=<seq>). <err-radius> is in metres, <good?> is "yes" or "no", indicating whether the location information is at all valid (i.e. don't believe any of it unless <good?> is "yes"), and <seq> is the location sequence number; it changes every time the location or other parameters change. When writing, use the same syntax as the configuration arguments.

tag (read/write)
Read/write the location tag. Read format is: ``tag=<tag>''.


FixSrcLoc, GridLocationInfo2

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