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ICMPPingResponder Element Documentation


ICMPPingResponder -- Click element; responds to ICMP echo requests



Ports: 1 input, 1-2 outputs
Processing: agnostic, but output 1 is push
Package: icmp (core)


Respond to ICMP echo requests. Incoming packets must have their IP header annotations set. The corresponding reply is generated for any ICMP echo request and emitted on output 0. The reply's destination IP address annotation is set appropriately, its paint annotation is cleared, and its timestamp is set to the current time. Other annotations are copied from the input packet. IP packets other than ICMP echo requests are emitted on the second output, if there are two outputs; otherwise, they are dropped.


ICMPPingResponder does not pay attention to source route options; it should.


ICMPSendPings, ICMPError

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