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IP6NDAdvertiser Element Documentation


IP6NDAdvertiser -- Click element;


IP6NDAdvertiser(IP61 MASK1 ETH1, IP62 MASK2 ETH2, ...)

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: agnostic
Package: ethernet (core)


Input should be Neighbor Solitation Message, which includes the ethernet header, ip6 header and message itself. The Neighbor Solitation Message query about the link layer address of an IPv6 target address. If the IP6NDAdvertiser knows the answer, it forwards an Neighbor Advertisement Message. if we know the answer. Could be used for proxy ARP as well as producing replies for a host's own address.


Produce Neighborhood Advertisement for the local machine (3ffe:1ce1:2::5) as well as proxy ARP for all machines on net 3ffe:1ce1:2::/64) directing their packets to the local machine:

 c :: Classifier(12/86dd 54/87, ...);
 ndadv :: IP6NDAdvertiser(3ffe:1ce1:2::5/128 00:00:C0:AE:67:EF,
 3ffe:1ce1:2::/80 00:00:C0:AE:67:EF)
 c[0] -> ndadv;
 ndadv -> ToDevice(eth0);



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