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IP6NDSolicitor Element Documentation


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IP6NDSolicitor(IP, ETH)

Ports: 2 inputs, 1-2 outputs
Processing: push
Package: ethernet (core)


Handles most of the Neighbor Discovery(ND) protocol. Argument IP should be this host's IP6 address, and ETH should be this host's ethernet address. Expects ordinary IP6 packets on input 0, each with a destination address annotation. If an ethernet address is already known for the destination, the IP6 packet is wrapped in an ethernet header and sent to output 0. Otherwise the IP6 packet is saved and an Neighbor Solicitation Message is sent to output 0. If an Neighbor Advertisement Message arrives on input 1 for an IP6 address that we need, the mapping is recorded and the saved IP6 packet is sent. The packets on input 1 should include the ethernet header. If a host has multiple interfaces, it will need multiple instances of IP6NDSolicitor. IP6NDSolicitor may have one or two outputs. If it has two, then ARP queries are sent to the second output.


 c :: Classifier(12/86dd 20/3aff 54/87,
 12/86dd 20/3aff 54/88,
 nds :: IP6NDSolicitor(3ffe:1ce1:2::1, 00:e0:29:05:e5:6f);
 c[0] -> ...
 c[1] -> nds[1];
 c[2] -> ... -> nds[0];
 nds[0] -> ... -> ToDevice(eth0);



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