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IPNameInfo Element Documentation


IPNameInfo -- Click element; stores name information about IP packets



Ports: none
Package: ip (core)


Contains IP-related name mappings, such as the names for common IP protocols. This element should not be used in configurations. IPNameInfo installs the following name mappings by default: IP protocols: dccp, icmp, igmp, ipip, payload, sctp, tcp, tcpudp, transp, udp. TCP/UDP ports: auth, bootpc, bootps, chargen, daytime, discard, dns, domain, echo, finger, ftp, ftp-data, https, imap3, imaps, irc, netbios-dgm, netbios-ns, netbios-ssn, nntp, ntp, pop3, pop3s, rip, route, smtp, snmp, snmp-trap, ssh, sunrpc, telnet, tftp, www. ICMP types: echo, echo-reply, inforeq, inforeq-reply, maskreq, maskreq-reply, parameterproblem, redirect, routeradvert, routersolicit, sourcequench, timeexceeded, timestamp, timestamp-reply, unreachable. ICMP unreachable codes: filterprohibited, host, hostprecedence, hostprohibited, hostunknown, isolated, needfrag, net, netprohibited, netunknown, port, precedencecutoff, protocol, srcroutefail, toshost, tosnet. ICMP redirect codes: host, net, toshost, tosnet. ICMP timeexceeded codes: reassembly, transit. ICMP parameterproblem codes: erroratptr, length, missingopt. At user level, IPNameInfo additionally reads /etc/services and /etc/protocols to populate the IP protocol and TCP/UDP port databases.

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