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IPRateMonitor Element Documentation


IPRateMonitor -- Click element; measures coming and going IP traffic rates



Ports: 1-2 inputs, 1-2 outputs
Processing: agnostic
Drivers: userlevel
Package: ip (core)


Monitors network traffic rates. Can monitor either packet or byte rate (per second) to and from an address. When forward or reverse rate for a particular address exceeds THRESH, rates will then be kept for host or subnet addresses within that address. May update each packet's dst_rate_anno and src_rate_anno with the rates for dst or src IP address. Packets coming in one input 0 are inspected on src address. Packets coming in on input 1 are insepected on dst address. This enables IPRateMonitor to annotate packets with both the forward rate and reverse rate. TYPE: PACKETS or BYTES. Count number of packets or bytes. RATIO: chance that EWMA gets updated before packet is annotated with EWMA value. THRESH: IPRateMonitor further splits a subnet if rate is over THRESH number packets or bytes per second. Always specify value as if RATIO were 1. MEMORY: How much memory can IPRateMonitor use in kilobytes? Minimum of 100 is enforced. 0 is unlimited memory. ANNO: if on (by default, it is), annotate packets with rates.


look 1)
Returns the rate of counted to and from a cluster of IP addresses. The first printed line is the number of 'jiffies' that have past since the last reset. There are 100 jiffies in one second.
thresh 2)
Returns THRESH.
reset 3)
When written, resets all rates.
anno_level 4)
Expects "IPAddress level when". When written, makes IPRateMonitor stop expanding at "level" (0-3) for the IPAddress, until "when" (seconds). For example, if " 2 100" is specified, IPRateMonitor will stop expanding when 18.26.4 is reached for the next 100 seconds. After 100 seconds, any level below 18.26.4 may be reached again.


 IPRateMonitor(PACKETS, 0.5, 256, 600);

Monitors packet rates. The memory usage is limited to 600K. When rate for a network address (e.g. 18.26.*.*) exceeds 256 packets per second, start monitor subnet or host addresses (e.g. 18.26.4.*).


IPFlexMonitor, CompareBlock

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