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LinkStat Element Documentation


LinkStat -- Click element; Track broadcast loss rates.



Ports: 1 input, at most 1 output
Processing: push
Package: grid (core)


Expects Link probe packets as input. Records the last WINDOW unique (not neccessarily sequential) sequence numbers of link probes from each host, and calculates loss rates over the last TAU milliseconds for each host. If the output is connected, sends probe packets every PERIOD milliseconds. The source Ethernet address ETH must be specified if the second output is connected. Keyword arguments are:

Ethernet address of this node; required if output is connected.
Unsigned integer. Millisecond period between sending link probes if second output is connected. Defaults to 1000 (1 second).
Unsigned integer. Number of most recent sequence numbers to remember for each host. Defaults to 100.
Unsigned integer. Millisecond period over which to calculate loss rate for each host. Defaults to 10,000 (10 seconds).
Unsigned integer. Total number of bytes in probe packet, including ethernet header and above. Defaults to 1000.
Boolean. If true, use the alternate LinkStat ethernet protocol number. The normal protocol number is 0x7ffe; the alternate number is 0x7ffd. Defaults to false.

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