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LookupGeographicGridRoute Element Documentation


LookupGeographicGridRoute -- Click element;


LookupGeographicGridRoute(ETH, IP, GRIDROUTES, LOCINFO)

Ports: 1 input, 2 outputs
Processing: push
Drivers: userlevel
Package: grid (core)


Forward packets geographically according to the tables accumulated by the UpdateGridRoutes element, and the node's own position as reported by the GridLocationInfo element. MAC-ADDRESS and IP-ADDRESS are the local machine's addresses. Input 0 expects Grid packets with MAC headers. Assumes packets aren't for us. Output 0 pushes out packets to be sent by a device, with next hop info filled in. These will be Grid packets with MAC headers. Output packets have their paint annotation set to the output interface number, e.g. for use with PaintSwitch. Output 1 is the error output: it pushes out packets the LookupGeographicGridRoute doesn't know how to handle (e.g. we don't know how to route around a hole, or we don't know our own location), or are bad (e.g. some type we don't know how to handle). These will also be Grid packets with MAC headers.


LookupLocalGridRoute GridGenericRouteTable GridLocationInfo Paint PaintSwitch

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