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LookupIP6Route Element Documentation


LookupIP6Route -- Click element;


LookupIP6Route(DST1 MASK1 GW1 OUT1, DST2 MAS2 GW2 OUT2, ...)

Ports: 1 input, any number of outputs
Processing: push
Package: ip6 (core)


Input: IP6 packets (no ether header). Expects a destination IP6 address annotation with each packet. Looks up the address, sets the destination annotation to the corresponding GW (if non-zero), and emits the packet on the indicated OUTput. Each comma-separated argument is a route, specifying a destination and mask, a gateway (zero means none), and an output index.


 ... -> GetIP6Address(24) -> rt;
 rt :: LookupIP6Route(
 3ffe:1ce1:2::/128 ::0 0,
 3ffe:1ce1:2:0:200::/128  ::0 0,
 3ffe:1ce1:2:/80 ::0 1,
 3ffe:1ce1:2:0:200::/80: ::0 2,
 0::ffff:0:0/96 ::0 3,
 ::0/0 3ffe:1ce1:2::2 1);
 rt[0] -> ToLinux;
 rt[1] -> ... -> ToDevice(eth0);
 rt[2] -> ... -> ToDevice(eth1);

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