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LookupLocalGridRoute Element Documentation


LookupLocalGridRoute -- Click element;


LookupLocalGridRoute(ETH, IP, GenericGridRouteTable, KEYWORDS)

Ports: 2 inputs, 4 outputs
Processing: push
Package: grid (core)


Forward packets according to the tables accumulated by the GenericGridRouteTable element. MAC-ADDRESS and IP-ADDRESS are the local machine's addresses. Input 0 is from the device, output 0 is to the device. Both should be GRID_NBR_ENCAP packets with MAC headers. Output packets have their paint annotation set to the output interface number, e.g. for use with PaintSwitch. Input 1 is down from higher level protocols, output 1 is is up to higher level protocols. The format of both is IP packets. Output 2 pushes out packets that LookupLocalGridRoute doesn't know what to do with (we don't know have a route with a next hop), but are still valid. e.g. to be sent to geographic forwarding. These packets are GRID_NBR_ENCAP packets with MAC headers. Output 3 is the error output; it pushes out packets that are bad: e.g., Grid protocol packets with an unknown type. Keywords are:

GridGatewayInfo element. If provided, and indicates this node is a gateway, send incoming packets for the generic gateway address to output 1.
GridGenericLogger element. Object to log events to.
LinkTracker element. If provided, used to obtain link stats for route callbacks. Confused? Me too!


LookupGeographicGridRoute, GenericGridRouteTable, GridGatewayInfo, LinkTracker, GridLogger, Paint, PaintSwitch

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