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LookupLocalGridRoute2 Element Documentation


LookupLocalGridRoute2 -- Click element;


LookupLocalGridRoute2(ETH, IP, GenericGridRouteTable, KEYWORDS)

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: agnostic
Package: grid (core)


Forward packets according to the tables accumulated by the GenericGridRouteTable element. ETH and IP are this node's ethernet and IP addresses, respectively. Inputs must be GRID_NBR_ENCAP packets with MAC headers, with the destination IP address annotation set. Output packets have their source ethernet address set to ETH, their destination ethernet address set according to the routing table entry corresponding to the destination IP annotation, and their Grid tx_ip set to IP. Packets also have their paint annotation set to the output interface number, e.g. for use with PaintSwitch. Packets for which no route exists are dropped. Keywords are:

GridGenericLogger element. Object to log events to.
Boolean. Be verbose about drops due to no route. Defaults to false.


LookupLocalGridroute, LookupGeographicGridRoute, GenericGridRouteTable, DSDVRouteTable, GridLogger, Paint, PaintSwitch

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