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PaintSwitch Element Documentation


PaintSwitch -- Click element; sends packet stream to output chosen per-packet



Ports: 1 input, any number of outputs
Processing: push
Package: standard (core)


PaintSwitch sends every incoming packet to one of its output ports -- specifically, output port number K, where K is the value of the incoming packet's paint annotation. If the paint annotation is set to 255, the packet is duplicated and sent to all outputs. Since there are only 256 different paint annotations, including the special value of 255, PaintSwitch can have up to 255 outputs. If there is no output port K, the packet is dropped. PaintSwitch uses the PAINT annotation by default, but the ANNO argument can specify any one-byte annotation.


StaticSwitch, PullSwitch, RoundRobinSwitch, StrideSwitch, HashSwitch, RandomSwitch, Paint, PaintTee

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