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PFlood Element Documentation


PFlood -- Click element;


PFlood(ETHTYPE eth, IP ip, BCAST_IP ip, ETH eth, P int,

 MAX_DELAY int,N<>
 [DEBUG bool], [HISTORY int]);

Ports: 2 inputs, 2 outputs
Processing: push
Package: roofnet


DSR-inspired end-to-end ad-hoc routing protocol. Input 0: ethernet packets from dev Input 1: ip packets from higher layer Output 0: ethernet packets to device (protocol) Output 1: ip packets to higher layer

value of 0 to 100 where P is the probability that this element will forward any particular packet. It will only forward it once.
max time to wait after 1st packet rx to forward packet. default is 750
number of sequence numbers to remember. default is 100

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