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RadioSim Element Documentation


RadioSim -- Click element; simulates reachability and broadcast in an 802.11-like radio network


RadioSim([keywords,] [lat1 lon1, lat2 lon2, ...])

Ports: any number of inputs, any number of outputs
Processing: pull inputs, push outputs
Drivers: userlevel
Package: grid (core)


RadioSim simulates reachability and broadcast in an 802.11-like radio network. Each corresponding input/output pair corresponds to one node. Each node has a latitude/longitude, given by the <i>th configuration argument. When node <i> sends a packet into RadioSim's input <i>, RadioSim sends a copy to each output whose node is within 250 meters of node <i>. Inputs are pull, outputs are push. Services inputs in round robin order. Keyword:

Boolean. Defaults to false. Use x,y coordinates in metres instead of lat,lon in degrees. lat is treated as x, and lon is treated as y. The loc read/write handler format is node-index latitude longitude

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