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ScheduleInfo Element Documentation


ScheduleInfo -- Click element; specifies scheduling parameters


ScheduleInfo(ELEMENT PARAM, ...)

Ports: None
Package: standard (core)


Provides scheduling parameters for specified elements. Each configuration argument has the form `ELEMENT PARAM', meaning that the element named ELEMENT has scheduling parameter PARAM. Scheduling parameters are real numbers that set how often one element should be scheduled in relation to another. For example, if elements A and B have scheduling parameters 2 and 0.5, respectively, then A will be scheduled 2/0.5 = 4 times as often as B. The default scheduling parameter is 1. ScheduleInfo elements inside a compound element can specify scheduling parameters for that compound's components. Outer ScheduleInfo elements can specify a ``scheduling parameter for the compound element as a whole. This ``scheduling parameter is really a scaling factor affecting the compound's components. For example, consider this configuration,

   elementclass Compound {
     i :: InfiniteSource -> output;
     ScheduleInfo(i 0.5);
   c :: Compound -> Discard;
   ScheduleInfo(c 4);

which is the same as the following configuration, after compound elements are expanded.

   c/i :: InfiniteSource -> Discard@3 :: Discard;
   c/ScheduleInfo@2 :: ScheduleInfo(i 0.5);
   ScheduleInfo@4 :: ScheduleInfo(c 4);

The name of the first ScheduleInfo element starts with `c/', so it is used to look up scheduling parameters for elements named `c/whatever'. (This includes all components of the compound element `c'.) The second ScheduleInfo element, however, has no slash in its name, so it is used to look up all scheduling parameters, including scaling factors for compound elements. The InfiniteSource's final scaling parameter will be 2: the scaling factor 4 times the local scheduling parameter 0.5. An outer ScheduleInfo element can override local scheduling parameters. For example, if the second ScheduleInfo element above was

   ScheduleInfo@4 :: ScheduleInfo(c 4, c/i 10.5)

then the InfiniteSource's final scaling parameter would be 10.5.

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