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SendGridLRHello Element Documentation


SendGridLRHello -- Click element;


SendGridLRHello(PERIOD, JITTER, ETH, IP, UpdateGridRoutes [, MAXHOPS])

Ports: no inputs, 1 output
Processing: push
Drivers: userlevel
Package: grid (core)


Every PERIOD millseconds (+/- a jitter bounded by JITTER milliseconds), emit a Grid protocol ``LR_HELLO'' packet for the Grid node at address IP with MAC address ETH, advertising any neighbors within MAXHOPS of the node, as reported by the UpdateGridRoutes element named by the 5th argument. MAXHOPS defaults to 1. PERIOD must be greater than 0, JITTER must be positive and less than PERIOD. Produces Grid packets with MAC headers.


SendGridLRHello(500, 100, 00:E0:98:09:27:C5,, nel) -> ? -> ToDevice(eth0)


UpdateGridRoutes, LookupLocalGridRoute

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