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SimpleQueue Element Documentation


SimpleQueue -- Click element; stores packets in a FIFO queue



Ports: 1 input, 1-2 outputs
Package: standard (core)


Stores incoming packets in a first-in-first-out queue. Drops incoming packets if the queue already holds CAPACITY packets. The default for CAPACITY is 1000. Multithreaded Click note: SimpleQueue is designed to be used in an environment with at most one concurrent pusher and at most one concurrent puller. Thus, at most one thread pushes to the SimpleQueue at a time and at most one thread pulls from the SimpleQueue at a time. Different threads can push to and pull from the SimpleQueue concurrently, however. See ThreadSafeQueue for a queue that can support multiple concurrent pushers and pullers.


The Queue and NotifierQueue elements act like SimpleQueue, but additionally notify interested parties when they change state (from nonempty to empty or vice versa, and/or from nonfull to full or vice versa).


length (read-only)
Returns the current number of packets in the queue.
highwater_length (read-only)
Returns the maximum number of packets that have ever been in the queue at once.
capacity (read/write)
Returns or sets the queue's capacity.
drops (read-only)
Returns the number of packets dropped by the queue so far. Dropped packets are emitted on output 1 if output 1 exists.
reset_counts (write-only)
When written, resets the drops and highwater_length counters.
reset (write-only)
When written, drops all packets in the queue.


Queue, NotifierQueue, MixedQueue, RED, FrontDropQueue, ThreadSafeQueue

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