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SNMPOidInfo Element Documentation


SNMPOidInfo -- Click element; assigns names to SNMP object identifiers


SNMPOidInfo(NAME OID, ...)

Ports: None
Package: snmp


SNMPOidInfo introduces shorthand names for SNMP object identifiers. An SNMP object identifier, or "OID", represents a variable interesting to some SNMP manager or agent. It is a sequence of nonnegative 32-bit integers separated by periods. For example:

SNMPOidInfo introduces names that represent object identifiers or their prefixes. For example, the name "internet" means "", and these two lines represent the same OID:

SNMPOidInfo's configuration arguments each consist of two space-separated words: an SNMP identifier and the corresponding OID. The "internet" name is defined by default, but if it were not, it could be introduced with SNMPOidInfo like this:


SNMP OID definitions are scoped by compound elements. If an SNMPOidInfo element is included within a compound element, then its definitions only become available inside that compound element. It is an error to define a name with two different values in the same scope.


Click allows you to write SNMP object identifiers with dotted numbers only, or with a mix of numbers and identifiers. Each identifier represents a prefix of the OID being specified. For example, "internet.4.1" means "": the "internet" identifier corresponds to the prefix "". Identifiers can also be used in the middle of an OID representation. Each identifier's OID must be at least as long as the currently accumulated OID, and if the accumulated OID is not empty, then the identifier's OID must match the accumulated OID where they overlap. For example, say the following definitions are in effect:

   iso        corresponds to   1
   internet   corresponds to

Then these OID representations are valid:           corresponds to
   iso.         corresponds to
   internet.4          corresponds to
   iso.internet.4      corresponds to
   1.3.6.internet.4    corresponds to

These representations, however, will cause parse errors:

   2.internet.4        OID 'internet' ( conflicts with context (2)
   internet.iso.4      OID 'iso' (1) too short for context (


The following OID definitions are always available. You need not define them with SNMPOidInfo, and you may not redefine them in any scope.

  ccitt                 0
  iso                   1
  org                   1.3
  dod                   1.3.6
  joint-iso-ccitt       2
  mgmt                  internet.2
  experimental          internet.3
  private               internet.4
  enterprises           internet.4.1
  snmpv2                internet.6
  mib                   mgmt.1
  mib-2                 mgmt.1
  system                mib-2.1
  interfaces            mib-2.2
  at                    mib-2.3
  ip                    mib-2.4
  icmp                  mib-2.5
  tcp                   mib-2.6
  udp                   mib-2.7
  egp                   mib-2.8
  transmission          mib-2.10
  snmp                  mib-2.11



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