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StrideSched Element Documentation


StrideSched -- Click element; pulls from stride-scheduled inputs


StrideSched(TICKETS0, ..., TICKETSN-1)

Ports: 1 or more inputs, 1 output
Processing: pull
Package: standard (core)


Has one output and N inputs. Performs simple packet-based stride scheduling, assigning TICKETSi to input i for each input. Each time a pull comes in on the output, it pulls on its inputs in the order specified by the stride scheduling queue, until all inputs have been tried or one produces a packet. If an input does not produce a packet, it is not tried again in the current round (for the current pull on the output) even if it has a very short stride. This minimizes overhead and ensures that an input that produces a packet, if any, is found as soon as possible, consistently with the stride scheduler ordering. The inputs usually come from Queues or other pull schedulers. StrideSched uses notification to avoid pulling from empty inputs.


tickets0...ticketsN-1 (read/write)
Returns or sets the number of tickets for each input port.


PrioSched, RoundRobinSched, DRRSched, StrideSwitch

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