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StripDSRHeader Element Documentation


StripDSRHeader -- Click element; strips DSR header, saves offset to VLAN_ANNO



Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: agnostic
Package: grid (core)


Strips the DSR header from DSR packets, saving the offset to the VLAN_ANNO tag. Control packets are not stripped. This element helps if one wants to modify the payload inside a DSR data packet. The code to parse the DSR header is taken from Click's grid elements (DSRRouteTable etc). The IP header is set to the payload of the DSR packet. After modifying the inner IP packet, UnstripDSRHeader can be used to restore the DSR header. Based on Click's StripIPHeader and DSRRouteTable elements.



DSR routing packets should go to input 1 of the DSR router DSR_classifier::Classifier(09/C8,-) -> StripDSRHeader -> [... modify payload, stamp in timestamp or so ...] -> UnstripDSRHeader -> [1]dsr_rt::DSRRouteTable(...); Generated by 'click-elem2man' from '../elements/grid/stripdsrheader.hh:6' on 12/Jul/2011. ===== COMMENTS =====

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