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TCPMystery Element Documentation


TCPMystery -- Click element; analyzes TCP flows



Ports: None
Drivers: userlevel
Package: models


Analyzes TCP flows and dumps various flow information to an XML trace info file. Both the flows and the trace info file are handled through a TCPCollector collector element elsewhere in the connection; TCPMystery itself has no inputs or outputs. Keywords are:

Boolean. If true (the default), then write information about each TCP flow's RTT to the trace info file. Several "<rtt>" XML tags are written, indicating the RTT from the syn-synack-ack exchange (if this could be calculated); the minimum RTT; the average RTT; and the maximum RTT. You can tell these apart by looking at the "source" attribute. The actual RTT in seconds is stored in the "value" attribute. For example: <rtt source='syn' value='0.083388' /> <rtt source='min' value='0.082697' /> <rtt source='avg' value='0.0932847' /> <rtt source='max' value='0.116549' />

Boolean. If true, then write information about each stream's semi-RTTs to the trace info file in "<semirtt>" tags. Default is false. A semi-RTT is the length of time between the observation of a data packet, and the observation of the acknowledgement liberated by that data packet. The "<semirtt>" tags are like the "<rtt>" tags printed for the whole connection, but there may be an additional entry containing a bias-corrected sample variance for the semi-RTT measurements ("source='var'"). For example: <semirtt source='syn' value='0.083183' /> <semirtt source='min' value='0.082529' /> <semirtt source='avg' value='0.089544' n='71' /> <semirtt source='max' value='0.1057' /> <semirtt source='var' value='2.07997e-05' n='71' />

Boolean. If true, then write information about individual semi-RTTs to the trace info file in "<ackcausation>" tags. Default is false.
Boolean. If true, then write information about any undelivered data packets to the trace info file in "<undelivered>" tags. Default is false.


   f :: FromDump(-, STOP true, FORCE_IP true)
      -> IPClassifier(tcp)
      -> af :: AggregateIPFlows
      -> tcol :: TCPCollector(-, SOURCE f, NOTIFIER af)
      -> TCPMystery(tcol, SEMIRTT true)
      -> Discard;


TCPCollector, MultiQ

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