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ThresholdMetric Element Documentation


ThresholdMetric -- Click element;


ThresholdMetric(LINKSTAT, [, KEYWORDS])

Ports: None
Package: grid (core)


Child class of GridGenericMetric that implements the delivery ratio threshold metric. Links with a delivery ratio larger than a given threshold (specified by the THRESH keyword argument) are considered good; links with a smaller delivery ratio are considered bad. The metric of a route with all good links is the route's hopcount; a route with at least one bad link is given the special `bad' invalid metric. Between two good routes with valid metrics, the route with the smaller hopcount is preferred; between two bad routes with invalid metrics, neither route is preferred and an arbitrary choice is made; between a good and bad route, the good route is always preferred. LinkStat is this node's LinkStat element, which is needed to obtain the link delivery ratios used to calculate the metric. Keywords arguments are:

Boolean. If true, both directions of a link must have a delivery ratio greater than the threshold for the link to be good. If false, only require the forward direction to have a delivery ratio greater than the threshold. Defaults to false.
Unsigned. Delivery ratio threshold as a percentage (0--100). Defaults to 63%, which is roughly 5/8, the threshold used in the DARPA PRNet.


HopcountMetric, LinkStat, ETXMetric

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