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TimedUnqueue Element Documentation


TimedUnqueue -- Click element; pull-to-push converter


TimedUnqueue(INTERVAL [, BURST])

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: pull inputs, push outputs
Package: standard (core)


Pulls at most BURST packets per INTERVAL (seconds) from its input, pushing them out its single output. Default BURST is 1. If BURST is 1, and packets arrive upstream at a rate of less than 1 packet per INTERVAL, then in steady state TimedUnqueue will impose relatively little delay on the packet stream. In other situations, TimedUnqueue may impose an average delay of INTERVAL/2 seconds per packet, even for low input rates. This is because it checks for packets at most once every INTERVAL seconds. There is usually a Queue upstream of each TimedUnqueue element.


The UNIX and Linux timers have granularity of about 10 milliseconds, so this TimedUnqueue can only produce high packet rates by being bursty.


RatedUnqueue, Unqueue, Burster

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