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TimerTest Element Documentation


TimerTest -- Click element; runs regression tests for Timer



Ports: none
Package: test (core)


Without other arguments, TimerTest runs regression tests for Click's Timer class at initialization time. TimerTest includes a timer which prints a message when scheduled. This timer is controlled by the DELAY and/or SCHEDULED keyword arguments and several handlers. TimerTest does not route packets. Keyword arguments are:

Timestamp. If set, TimerTest schedules a timer starting DELAY seconds in the future. On expiry, a message such as "1000000000.010000: t1 :: TimerTest fired" is printed to standard error.
Integer. If set to a positive number, then TimerTest runs a timer manipulation benchmark at installation time involving BENCHMARK total timers. Default is 0 (don't benchmark).


scheduled (read/write)
Boolean. Returns whether the TimerTest's timer is scheduled.
expiry (read-only)
Timestamp. Returns the expiration time for the TimerTest's timer, if any.
schedule_after (write-only)
Schedule the TimerTest's timer to fire after a given time.
unschedule (write-only)
Unschedule the TimerTest's timer.

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