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ToHostSniffers Element Documentation


ToHostSniffers -- Click element; sends packets to Linux packet sniffers


ToHostSniffers([DEVNAME, keywords])

Ports: 1 input, no outputs
Processing: push
Drivers: linuxmodule
Package: linuxmodule (core)


Hands packets to any packet sniffers registered with Linux, such as packet sockets. Packets are not passed to the ordinary Linux networking stack. If DEVNAME is present, each packet is marked to appear as if it originated from that network device. As with ToDevice, DEVNAME can be an Ethernet address. If TYPE is ETHER, then expects packets with Ethernet headers; this is the default. If TYPE is IP, then expects packets with raw IP headers. This element is only available in the Linux kernel module.


ToHostSniffers behaves exactly like ToHost, except that the SNIFFERS keyword argument defaults to true.


ToHost, FromHost, FromDevice, PollDevice, ToDevice

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