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Unqueue2 Element Documentation


Unqueue2 -- Click element; pull-to-push converter


Unqueue2([BURST, keywords QUEUES])

Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: pull inputs, push outputs
Package: standard (core)


Pulls packets whenever they are available, then pushes them out its single output. Pulls a maximum of BURSTSIZE packets every time it is scheduled, unless downstream queues are full. Default BURSTSIZE is 1. If BURSTSIZE is 0, pull until nothing comes back. Unqueue2 will not pull if there is a downstream queue that is full. It will also limit burst size to equal to the number of available slots in the fullest downstream queue. The Unqueue element should be preferred for most purposes. Keyword arguments are:

The Storage elements whose sizes should be checked. If empty, then don't check downstream Storage elements' sizes. Defaults to the set of downstream Storage elements.
Boolean. If true, do not print a deprecation warning on configuration.


Unqueue, RatedUnqueue, BandwidthRatedUnqueue

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