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UpdateGridRoutes Element Documentation


UpdateGridRoutes -- Click element; Run DSDV-like local routing protocol.



Ports: 1 input, 2 outputs
Processing: agnostic
Drivers: userlevel
Package: grid (core)


Implements a DSDV-like loop-free routing protocol by originating routing messages based on its routing and neighbor tables, and processing routing update messages from other nodes. Maintains an immediate neighbor table, and a multi-hop route table. For both tables, entries are removed TIMEOUT milliseconds after being installed. Routing message entries are marked with both a sequence number (originated by the destination of the entry) and an age. Entries with higher sequence numbers always supersede entries with lower sequence numbers. For entries with the same sequence number, the lower hop-count entry prevails. Entries increase in age while sitting in a node's routing table, as well as when being propagated to another node. Thus an individual entry will only propagate through the network for a finite amount of time. New routes are advertised with even sequence numbers originated by the route destination (obtained from LR_HELLO messages); broken routes are advertised with odd sequence numbers formed by adding 1 to the sequence number of the last known good route. Broken route advertisements are originally initiated when an immediate neighbor entry times out, and will always supersede the route they are concerned with; any new route will always supersede the previous broken route. When a node receives a broken route advertisement for a destination to which it knows a newer route, it kills the broken route advertisement and sends an advertisement for the the new route. Input 0 expects MAC layer Grid packets which are handled as necessary and sent to output 0. Output 1: every PERIOD milliseconds (+/- a jitter bounded by JITTER milliseconds), emits a Grid protocol ``LR_HELLO'' packet for the Grid node at address IP with MAC address ETH, advertising any neighbors within MAXHOPS of the node. MAXHOPS defaults to 3. PERIOD must be greater than 0, JITTER must be positive and less than JITTER. Produces MAC layer Grid packets. This element is deprecated. Use GridRouteTable instead.


SendGridHello, FixSrcLoc, SetGridChecksum, LookupLocalGridRoute, GridRouteTable

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