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WifiDecap Element Documentation


WifiDecap -- Click element; Turns 802.11 packets into ethernet packets.



Ports: 1 input, 1 output
Processing: agnostic
Package: wifi (core)


Strips the 802.11 frame header and llc header off the packet and pushes an ethernet header onto the packet. Discards packets that are shorter than the length of the 802.11 frame header and llc header.

Boolean. If true (this is the default), then push an Ethernet header onto the packet after removing the wifi header.


FromDevice(ath0) -> ExtraDecap() -> FilterTX() -> FilterPhyErr() -> wifi_cl :: Classifier (0/08%0c); data packets -> wifi_decap :: WifiDecap() -> HostEtherFilter(ath0, DROP_OTHER true, DROP_OWN true) ... ===== SEE ALSO ===== WifiEncap Generated by 'click-elem2man' from '../elements/wifi/wifidecap.hh:7' on 12/Jul/2011. ===== COMMENTS =====

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