Example Configurations

test.click A trivial three-element configuration that prints 5 sample packets, then stops.
test2.click A slightly more complex example, including RED dropping.
test3.click An example of how to use Click scheduler elements.
test-device.click A trivial device test that hooks up to a device with FromDevice and prints any packets received.
test-tun.click A user-level configuration that tests the KernelTun element.
udpgen.click A simple UDP generator, expressed as a compound element.
udpcount.click A simple UDP counter configuration.
fake-iprouter.click A version of our canonical IP router configuration with the devices replaced by InfiniteSources. Suitable for profiling and performance testing.
mazu-nat.click A functional firewalling NAT configuration.
fromhost-tunnel.click Tests and demonstrates the use of FromHost.
dnsproxy.click A simple, transparent, local DNS proxy using FromHost.
simple-dsdv.click A simple DSDV implementation using the Grid elements.
simple-ipsec.click A simple IP router configuration that uses IPsec.
wifi-accesspoint-rt73.click A simple WiFi access point that works on Ralink hardware.
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