// testdevice.click
// Tests whether Click can read packets from the network.
// You may need to modify the device name in FromDevice.
// You'll probably need to be root to run this.
// Run with
//    click testdevice.click
// (runs as a user-level program; uses Linux packet sockets or a similar
// mechanism), or
//    click-install testdevice.click
// (runs inside a Linux kernel).
// If you run this inside the kernel, your kernel's ordinary IP stack
// will stop getting packets from eth0. This might not be convenient.
// The Print messages are printed to the system log, which is accessible
// with 'dmesg' and /var/log/messages. The most recent 2-4K of messages are
// stored in /click/messages.
FromDevice(eth0) -> Print(ok) -> Discard;
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