// udpgen.click
// This file is a simple, fast UDP/IP load generator, meant to be used in the
// Linux kernel module. It sends UDP/IP packets from this machine to another
// machine at a given rate. See 'udpcount.click' for a packet counter
// compatible with udpgen.click.
// The relevant address and rate arguments are specified as parameters to a
// compound element UDPGen.
// UDPGen($device, $rate, $limit, $seth, $sip, $sport, $deth, $dip, $dport);
//	$device		name of device to generate traffic on
//	$rate		rate to generate traffic (packets/s)
//	$limit		total number of packets to send
//      $size		bytes per packet
//	$seth		source eth addr
//	$sip		source ip addr
//	$sport		source port
//      $deth		destination eth addr
//	$dip		destination ip addr
//	$dport		destination port
elementclass UDPGen {
  $device, $rate, $limit, $size,
  $seth, $sip, $sport, $deth, $dip, $dport |
  source :: FastUDPSource($rate, $limit, $size, $seth, $sip, $sport,
                                                $deth, $dip, $dport);
  pd :: PollDevice($device) -> ToHost;
  source -> td :: ToDevice($device);
// create a UDPGen
u :: UDPGen(eth1, 82000, 820000, 1500,
	    00:e0:29:05:e2:d4,, 1234,
	    00:c0:95:e2:09:14,, 1234);
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