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Click sources are maintained in a Git repository. Most Click developers and users should rely on the Git sources, since we release Click infrequently. Git is a distributed source control management system.

Click sources on Github
Click packages sources on Github

Download and install git, version 1.5.0 or greater.

To fetch the Click repository:

% git clone git://

This downloads the Click sources, including complete change history. Then, cd click and run ./configure OPTIONS and build as usual. Life will be easier if you have autoconf-2.59 or higher.

To update to the latest version checked in to the public repository, change into your working copy directory DIR and run:

% git pull

To fetch the Click packages:

% git clone git://


We also maintain a Git repository on this site. We keep this repository in sync with Github, but you should prefer Github.

Click classic sources (DEPRECATED)
Click classic packages sources (DEPRECATED)

The git-cvsserver emulator we use to provide CVS access doesn't handle tags and branches. If you want to compare different versions of Click use the git repository.

If you are morbidly curious, you can check out old versions of Click from our old anonymous CVS repository at CVSROOT These versions include:

Our first prototype. Completely different from today.
Our second prototype. Corresponds roughly to versions 0.2 through 0.5. The submission for our SOSP paper was based on this code. While revising that paper, we moved to click/release/zero.
Corresponds to version 0.6 and before.
Corresponds to version 0.65.
Corresponds to versions 1.0 and later.

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