Core Packages

The Click distribution comes with more than 400 elements. These elements are divided into groups, such as standard, ip, and wifi. Some of the groups are enabled by default; others can be selected at configuration time with options like ./configure --enable-wifi. The resulting Click binary will not contain elements from disabled groups.

Group Name Description Enabled By Default?
analysis Network measurement and analysis No
app Application-level elements Yes
aqm Active queue management Yes
bsdmodule BSD kernel module support Driver-specific
ethernet Ethernet Yes
etherswitch Ethernet switch No
grid Grid ad-hoc networking location service No
icmp ICMP Yes
ip IPv4 Yes
ip6 IPv6 No
ipsec IPsec No
linuxmodule Linux kernel module support Driver-specific
local Experimental elements, your elements No
ns ns simulator support Driver-specific
radio Radio support (obsolete) No
simple Simple versions of other elements No
standard Basic element complement Yes
tcpudp TCP and UDP Yes
test Regression tests No
userlevel User-level support Driver-specific
wifi 802.11 wireless networking No
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