• NameInfo/NameDB further uses
  • IPFieldInfo completion and integration
  • FromIPSummaryDump functionality should be moved to the ipsumdump_WHATEVER files
  • Regression tests. We distribute several regression tests in the test/ directory. (Many of them require --enable-analysis to run.) This should grow to include behavior from many or most of our elements, and adding regression tests is an easy way to help us out as you learn the system.
  • IPv6 and multicast support.
  • Interesting packages to be added to the packages page.
  • StatelessTCPResponder
  • Remove deprecated add_input()/add_output()/set_ninputs()/set_noutputs()
  • Continued doxygenization
  • Make sure very large configuration strings are supported in the kernel
  • ControlSocket LOCAL keyword
  • KernelHandlerProxy documentation


  • Linux 2.6 package support
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