Document History

Contains copies of previous DCCP Internet-Drafts, by draft, in reverse chronological order. Version-to-version diffs are included when appropriate. Many drafts also include their own descriptions of changes from previous versions.

Main Spec (RFC 4340)

CCID 2 Profile (RFC 4341)

CCID 3 Profile (RFC 4342)

Problem Statement (RFC 4336)


This draft, Profile for DCP Congestion Control ID 0: Single-Window Congestion Control, was abandoned in 2001, since it was a bad idea.

Draft Date Links
draft-kohler-dcp-ccid0-01.txt Nov 2001 TXT / PS
draft-kohler-dcp-ccid0-00.txt Jul 2001 TXT / PS

CCID 3-Thin

CCID 4/TFRC VoIP/Small-Packet Variant

Faster Restart

Mobility and Multihoming

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