History of RFC 4342: Brief Notes


Change initial sending rate, adjust Loss Intervals option definition, improve readability.


Address some reviewer comments: Add section on applicability. Add paragraph about packet sizes.


Store Window Counter in the DCCP header's CCval field. Add Use Loss Intervals and Use Loss Event Rate features. Move Elapsed Time option to main DCCP specification, and change its units. Window counter updates; new sections; wording.


The ECN Nonce option is now called Loss Intervals, and reliably transmits information about the last eight loss intervals. This lets the sender calculate the loss event rate if desired. Added section on "The Use of Ack Vectors". Clarify ECN Nonce use. Other updates and wording.


Make option numbers consistent throughout the draft.


Minor corrections, and the addition of Section 8.2 on "Sending Feedback Packets".

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