IETF Meetings and Expert Reviews

Meeting Record

Meeting Date Information
65th IETF Dallas, Mar 2006
64th IETF Vancouver, Nov 2005 Minutes
63rd IETF Paris, Aug 2005 Slides / Minutes
62nd IETF Minneapolis, Mar 2005 Minutes
61st IETF Washington, DC, Nov 2004 Slides / Minutes
60th IETF San Diego, Aug 2004 Slides / Minutes
59th IETF Seoul, Feb 2004 Slides / Minutes
58th IETF Minneapolis, Nov 2003 Slides / Minutes
57th IETF Vienna, Jul 2003 Slides / Minutes
56th IETF San Francisco, Mar 2003 Slides / Minutes
55th IETF Atlanta, Nov 2002 Slides / Minutes
54th IETF Yokohama, Jul 2002 Slides / Minutes
53rd IETF Minneapolis, Mar 2002 No meeting
52nd IETF Salt Lake City, Dec 2001 Information
51st IETF London, Aug 2001 Discussion record

Expert Reviews

In June 2003, expert reviewers from several areas were asked to comment on the DCCP drafts current at that time (draft-ietf-dccp-spec-03.txt, draft-ietf-dccp-ccid2-02.txt, draft-ietf-dccp-ccid3-02.txt). Additionally, a design review was conducted during the working group at the July IETF.

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